Hello from India

  • Hi All,

    I'm Ray from India and this is my second RS. First one was a Race Blue 2011 Octavia 1Z RS - 1.8TSI 6MT (we never got the 2.0TSI here in 1Z).

    The latest addition to my garage is the 2020 Rallye Green 5E RS245 2.0TSI GPF 7DSG.

    Hope to learn a lot from you all and contribute in any way possible.

    I run a small youtube channel about my cars and builds along with track and street coverage.


  • Hi there and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately there's not many non-german speaking people here so as you can see most of the threads are in German.

    However, there's a lot of guys here with deep knowledge of the different Octavia series so there will definitely be something to learn if you have a good browser extension to translate ;)

    So if you're planning on doing some changes to the Octavias feel free to browse the forum and ask some questions if you have any. Plus I believe that there are some people here who would be interested in your "track" Octavia and what you did to make it ready. I believe the Gallery or showroom would be a good place to showcase some of the changes you did.

    Other than that enjoy the forum as much as you can


  • Hi and a very warm welcome!

    My highest respekt to drive a car like this in India!

    And I´m also quite surprised, that you are not the only one as I can see on the pictures.

    Wish you always a lot of fun with your car there and mind the bumbs and holes on the indian streets ;-)

    Octavia Combi III 2.0 TDI DSG Green tec RS; Race-Blau Metallic