Less power (Skoda RS 170PS) on dynamometer then original map

  • Hello

    I have Škoda Octavia 2007 RS DPF TDI 170HP.

    Till now is done:

    - DPF filter and EGR (computer and physically removed)

    - Chip tuning

    Result: aprox. (mapping)

    - 205HP

    - 400Nm

    Next step I have changed intercooler from A3/S3, ALU inlet manifold and air filter from Ramair JSK-120.

    And now i took it to dynamometer(Model:Mustang) . But results were disappointing. (Torque is great aprox. 400Nm, and low 168PS) But i felt difference after chip tuning...

    Car wasn t measured with original map(170PS). (second picture)

    Any ideas.

    Next step (first picture):

    We went to another tuning specialist. He measured car again on dyno. First and second measuring with tuning map 179,43Hp and 179,82Hp. Then measuring with original map 170Hp. But computer showed only 161.71Hp. So they say that something is wrong with car in original condition. Now light for engine turns on and stays on. They will have car for next week and try to eliminate one thing after another to figure what is wrong. They cleaned sensor on air filter then took it off but car goes in safe mode. We will see what next week brings. If you have any suggestions/ideas please let me know.

    Best Regards Dejan